About GSC


On June 5, 2016, SEE, China Urban Realty Association (CURA), China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce (CRECC), Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Landsea Holding Group launched “The Green Supply Chain Action of the Real Estate Industry in China" jointly, aiming to promote and regulate the environmental performance of upstream suppliers, through implementing practices according to “Green Only Procurement". With the technical assistance of third-party organizations, the GSC Action lists the environmentally well-performed suppliers, who will be eligible for prioritized procurement by the real estate companies. So far, a total of 100 real estate companies have joined the Action. The “White List” lists 3874 suppliers in total, encompassing 13 categories.

In July 2019, Green Supply Chain released “Green List,” which is based on the standard for “White List” that enterprises must comply with environmental regulations, this upgraded version of “White List” aim to promote real estate companies and suppliers to take actions against climate change. The evaluation criterion of “Green List” follows the current Chinese national standard and local standard of each region. The general principle of the “Green List” mentions that based on the standard of “White List” of environmental compliance, Green Supply Chain Action will screen supplier companies through criterions such as resource, energy, environment, and many other equivalent standards. For instance, in the resource aspect, suppliers must meet the requirement of being water-saving enterprises under the national guide; in the energy perspective, suppliers must establish a certification for an energy management system; in environmental features, suppliers must publish the amount of their greenhouse emissions. The guideline specified evaluation criteria for six different industries, which include steel industry, cement industry, glass production industry, aluminum alloy industry, water-based coating industry, sintered wall industry. On June 5th, 2021, Green Supply Chain Action released the first group of “Green List” suppliers, which consists of 20 enterprises in total.

On October 27th, 2020, Green Supply Chain Action officially released documents about the “Black List” based on “White List.” “Blacklist” includes suppliers that have violated environmental regulations multiple times and had refused to rectify after negotiations, and real estate companies that had joined Green Supply Chain Action will reject procurement plans from these suppliers.