About GSC

Declaration of Action

      We are deeply aware that the improvement of the environmental crisis requires systematic work, and the procurement of real estate companies through the industrial chain can exert a positive impact on environmental improvement. It is the responsibility of the real estate companies to unite and cooperate, following the principles of fairness, credibility, prudence, and gradual progress, to establish a green procurement standard system to promote green supply chain management in the real estate industry; we are committed to drive upstream suppliers through "green procurement" to reduce the negative impact on the environment, improve resource efficiency, achieve green upgrades of the industrial chain, and provide end consumers with green, healthy and environmentally friendly products in all aspects of raw material mining, production and processing, and terminal consumption.

We promise to:
1.voluntarily join the Green Supply Chain Action of the Real Estate Industry in China, and implement at least one plan in the "first batch of green procurement plans", actively promote the implementation of upstream suppliers, regularly review supplier environmental performance and promote its improvement;
2.collectively select suppliers who meet the green procurement standards and publish a list of suppliers when conditions allows; for companies that do not meet the green standards, jointly issue rectification requirements and formulate a phase-out plan;
3.regularly publish the progress of green supply chain actions and be responsible for the authenticity of the announcement content;
4.actively participate in the discussion and implementation of green supply chain solutions for the real estate industry, continue to expand the scope of green procurement, and continue to launch new green procurement programs;
5.work closely with government institutions, non-government, and non-profit organizations to actively promote supportive national policy, promote social attention, and achieve a balance between social and corporate benefits.